My dear friend and one of the most inspiring strong women I know just posted this on Instagram and reminded me why I still log in. Thanks for the laugh, though it’s all very sad. Preach!

Herve Leger on why he doesn’t do runway shows anymore:
HERVÉ LÉGER - who cast almost all the major supermodels in his Nineties shows - has revealed that he doesn’t show his collections at Fashion Week any more because he finds today’s models uninspiring. “If I had to go back to catwalk presentations I would be in a panic…Already the models I find are too skinny, too sad. And I knew the age of the super top models, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, who were always lively and smiling,” Léger said. “Today you go between several défilés and you will see the exact same type of girl - it just doesn’t inspire me. Of course I do presentations, I do three presentations a year: spring, fall and cruise, that I show at my showroom and what I like is to have the buyers come to me. They buy, things sell well, and that really gives me the feeling of existing for something because I know that somewhere out there in the world I have clients that adore what I’m doing and that’s really reward enough.”


Remembering  Gene Kelly  on his birthday (23 August 1912 - 2 February 1996), my favorite song-and-dance man in the movies

A sailor suit or his white socks and loafers, or the T-shirts on his muscular torso, gave everyone the feeling that he was a regular guy, and perhaps they too could express love and joy by dancing in the street or stomping through puddles…he democratized the dance in movies.” - Betsy Blair

Photos on the set of An American in Paris by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Paris, 1951, for LIFE magazine



The devil is in the d e t a i l

Hannibal: Season 2 is Certified Fresh at 100%

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There’s too much “Howard Hughes” in Howard Hughes. That’s the trouble.

The Aviator (2004) ; 
Director: Martin Scorsese.

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The truth about Ukraine


movie #201- Snowpiercer


Christy Turlington for Vogue Spain December 1991 by Karl Lagerfeld

Neve Campbell

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Hotel owner pouring acid in the pool while black people swim in it, ca. 1964

Lucy Hale – Cosmopolitan USA September 2014